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They are born during the long nights and they invite us to remember. To remember ourselves. Then they dive into the waters of the sea. Arcangel has nothing to do with the ancestral state of our land. Charmers and charmed, tamed and tamers, salivating unquestionably in the music. Roots and freedom roots and freedom. Their music sounds as if it flows out from somewhere near the end of the world, mixed with the hum of the universe. It is a pulsating, wavering, unspeakable state of being.


Arcangel Trio presents a mixture of traditional songs and dances from Greece, whose forms open into improvisation and sound, combining natural instruments with electronics.

Maroulita de Kol | voice, piano, electronics

Penelope Gkika | violin, voice, electronics

Evgenia Gaidi Pantazoglou | bagpipe, clarinet, flute, voice


photo by Yannis Karalis

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